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Nancy Dunn-Kato has been a Certified Class A LPGA Teaching & Club Professional Member since 1989. She has played and taught golf for over 24 years.

Nancy’s company SWINGplay and its concepts are a direct result of her dedicated work with junior golfers and a real, practical, understanding of what works best. SWINGplay’s unique programs are specifically designed to focus the learning needs of young and adult golfers at all levels from beginner to advanced players. The SWINGplay systems and methods reinforce the play in golf - to keep the learning experience fun, positive, and filled with success that grows naturally out of children’s play. Skill and ability grow quickly through the game-play!

Nancy wrote, illustrated, and published Golf’s Greenland™. Golf’s Greenland™ is her first storytelling book. Written for children , it introduces them to the fundamentals of putting through the use of interactive materials. In 2000, Golf for Women Magazine selected her as one of the 50 Top Teachers for her innovative methods of teaching. The SWINGplay games, along with her unique Golf’s Greenland™ stories, weave a magical web for the participants. Drawing on her Art Degree, she uses creativity to skillfully weave together golf’s fundamental elements of body and movement through art, poetry, and game play. Nancy was recognized as one of the Top 50 Kids Teachers for her excellence and commitment in serving youth and developing youth golf in her community.

Nancy’s dream was to create a community mentor program where young people, working together, help others in their community utilizing SWINGplay. Nancy released her program and Putting PAPERplay™ Activity Book in 2008. Putting PAPERplay™ allows the user to experience, and learn, the sensation and proper mechanics of putting prior to stepping foot on a green or picking up a putter. Users watch a DVD and create PAPERplay mechanical figures and devices which simulate the physical movements of proper putting. This creates a learning environment whereby the user synergistically engages their kinesthetic learning abilities. By creating and manipulating the models included with the PAPERplay Acticity Book, users physically experience the fundamentals of putting. Structured activities, games and stories build sequential learning experiences and playing perceptions whereby users become players of the game. ‘Through the Art of PAPERplay’

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  success stories “Children are learning through SWINGplay are taking a much more active role in learning the game, and are even able to impart what they know to other beginners. Nancy has created a program that is truly remarkable.”

John Morrison
2000 Director
LPGA Urban Youth Golf Program

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free samples Experience SWINGPlay first hand with free downloadable activities from Nancy’s books Golf’s Greenland™ and Putting PAPERplay™ free sample cd

about nancy Nancy Dunn-Kato is a Certified LPGA Class A Professional who has both played and taught golf for over 24 years. She has previously been selected by Golf for Women Magazine as one of the 50 Top Teachers for her innovative methods of teaching. lgpa

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