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Warning: You could have fun learning the golf swing! You will be introduced to some fun and stupid QUICKplay™ learning games, creative, innovative, teaching models and techniques combined with simple science to better understand the mechanics and motions of putting, chipping and swing.

01. Course & Clubs names
02. Chipping One Piece Motion
03. ‘Forward Press’ of hands set up position
04. “Getting to the green as soon as possible”
05. Loft cause and effect of clubs reaction
06. Mental planning of clubs choice
07. Parallel – Open – Closed Stance Positions
08. Drill to mental retention and reaction of a target ball line
09. Triangle and Center of Hands & Arms
10. Grip of Chipping
11. Good Posture & Practice Drill
12. Foot Routine
13. Stance Width
14. Ball Position
15. Review ‘Bottom of Swing’
16. Arc length
17. ‘Hold of Finish’
18. Triangle and Center play
19. Square Clubface
20. “Eyes in the Middle” quiet center of balance play
21. Equal arc sides
22. ‘Staying down’ through the ball
23. Arc speed
24. Leg reaction

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  success stories “Children are learning through SWINGplay are taking a much more active role in learning the game, and are even able to impart what they know to other beginners. Nancy has created a program that is truly remarkable.”

John Morrison
2000 Director
LPGA Urban Youth Golf Program

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about nancy Nancy Dunn-Kato is a Certified LPGA Class A Professional who has both played and taught golf for over 24 years. She has previously been selected by Golf for Women Magazine as one of the 50 Top Teachers for her innovative methods of teaching. lgpa

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