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Putting PAPERplay™ Activity Book combines art with golf to form a series of tabletop PAPERplay™ putting experiences. This program allows all individuals the ability to have multi-sensory interactions simulating the physical movements of a player putting. This program can easily be used in churches, hospitals, community centers, and other community - based organizations.

Putting PAPERplay™ Activity Book and Interactive DVD Program allow older children to have the ability to lead younger children, age five and up, through sequential sensory rich learning experiences of golf, putting fundamentals and mechanics. This can be done in a safe, indoor environment using a fun, interactive, hands-on tabletop approach, before a golf ball and club are ever introduced to the players.

Children color and create paper mechanical motion projects illustrating the fundamentals of putting. As they “PAPERplay™” they learn some major fundamentals of grip, aim, parallel/open/closed stance, loft of club, length of club, one-piece motion, lateral movement, and creation of length and width of arc. Course design, names, and scoring are also achieved through sticker and game play. The book features many other conceptual play projects that give a unique opportunity for the player and mentor to experience the sport at a kinesthetic level.

PAPERPlay Materials
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  success stories “Children are learning through SWINGplay are taking a much more active role in learning the game, and are even able to impart what they know to other beginners. Nancy has created a program that is truly remarkable.”

John Morrison
2000 Director
LPGA Urban Youth Golf Program

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about nancy Nancy Dunn-Kato is a Certified LPGA Class A Professional who has both played and taught golf for over 24 years. She has previously been selected by Golf for Women Magazine as one of the 50 Top Teachers for her innovative methods of teaching. lgpa

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