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In 1998 I met six year old Darren Saqui. Darren was a challenge because he was very shy and would not talk much. To accommodate his particular personality, I started creating pictures of those concepts I wanted him to learn. He quickly responded to this teaching method. In an effort to teach him proper golf posture, I created a drawing which showed a person bent at the waist. “Bow like a cow” was the phrase I used to teach the concept. To show this, I added a long tail to the person in the drawing. I remember him laughing, and then doing it! I had the thought that I was on to something. I decided I would develop these teaching methods so they could used on a wider scale. Because of my art background in college, I was able to make more pictures that would teach him, and other children, the fundamentals of golf. I added poetry to the pictures and created my first storybook - Golf’s Greenlands. I added games that went along with the storybook that taught putting. I started creating other games that would teach the fundamentals for chipping and swing to further his golf education.

My golf learning games worked really well. In less than two years, Darren won the 2000 Regional Golf Channel's Chip, Putt, Drive Contest held in Las Vegas. He and his family received an all expense paid trip to Orlando, Florida. Darren competed in the 2000 National Contest where he won the long drive category, and finished in the top five in chipping and putting. Today he is having great success playing regional junior tournaments and as one of the top players on his High School’s Golf Team.

Based of the experiences I learned teaching Darren, I created my first book and turned my teaching style into a new innovative method. I saw how teaching fundamentals of golf, etiquette and swing mechanics through the use of creative experiences in art, poetry, and play worked and helped young players understand the difficult concepts in a more fun environment. I continued creating new combinations of art projects and games to teach more golf fundamentals. I found these tools to be much more effective than words and concepts that are usually employed. I put everything together into a company I created, SWINGplay, Inc.

  success stories “Children are learning through SWINGplay are taking a much more active role in learning the game, and are even able to impart what they know to other beginners. Nancy has created a program that is truly remarkable.”

John Morrison
2000 Director
LPGA Urban Youth Golf Program

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about nancy Nancy Dunn-Kato is a Certified LPGA Class A Professional who has both played and taught golf for over 24 years. She has previously been selected by Golf for Women Magazine as one of the 50 Top Teachers for her innovative methods of teaching. lgpa

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